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Tek Tile Australia: Checkered Flooring System

Available in 4mm and 5mm, TekTiles Australia Checkered Tiles is a suitable flooring system for heavy traffic areas. It features textures and material that prevents slip; increasing safety and mobility of your facility. While the 4mm version is suitable for foot traffic areas only, the 5mm is also able to withstand light wheeled traffic (e.g small cars). 

The Seamless Solution

TekTile Australia Checkered Flooring System has same characteristics as the standard textured dove tail, but with an interlocking system with matching key ways. This interlocking system renders the join invisible, resulting i an almost seamless floor. Being a loose lay system, TekTile flooring solutions are easy to install with minimal to no subfloor preparation needed. 

Reliability you can trust

Our products have been installed in facilities across Europe and Australia with reported increase in facility looks and performance. With 10 years limited TekTile Australia warranty, you can be sure that your commercial & retail space will be optimised for years to come.

More Advantages of TekTile:

  • Easy Installation
  • Free Quotes and Consultation with our Australian Flooring Experts
  • No damp-proof membrane or adhesives required
  • Excellent Acoustic and Fire Retardant Properties
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost
  • Easy to relocate and reuse
  • CE Accredited
  • Manufactured with product sustainability in mind; easily recyclable
  • Various Colors and Finishes

Standard Color Options: 

Suitable For: