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What Do I need to install TekTile Products?

Just a rubber mallet with stanley knife, really. One of the advantages of TekTile is that no specialist tool or installer are required. However, you can use guillotine for straighter cuts, electric jigsaw, or table saw. 

Why Should I use TekTile Product?

TekTile (R-Tek) is the world's leading manufacturer of interlocking tiles hence we are able to purchase the best raw materials at the most competitive rates. Our factory is state-of-the-art and every tile are inspected to ensure top quality products. TekTile manufacturing plant operates to 9001 Quality Standards and any tiles that are rejected are recycled to be used in the production of black tiles. 

At first glance, price of R-Tile might be more expensive. However, when you take into account the following points, R-Tek tiles are heavy duty product that actually costs less. 

  • TekTile Products are 4mm and thicker, compared to vinyl that are usually less than 1.5mm. This gives TekTile more durability, longer life cycle, and lower operating costs. 
  • TekTile Products can be directly laid into damaged, damp or uneven surfaces and does not need any special skills to install. Save money on specialist contractors, floor screed and adhesives by using Tektile!
  • Can be used immidiately and fast install time, hence saving money on down-time. Extremely valuable in high traffic commercial and retail spaces. 
  • Financial companies are often willing to finance the cost of TekTile floor as it is not seen as fixed asset and can be relocated and sold again. There are tax advantage for companies to do this.
  • 100% recyclable, can be removed & relocated easily

How long do I need to wait to use my floor after installation?

You can always use them immidiately after the installation process. This is one of the advantages of interlocking loose lay flooring system. 

Can the tiles be installed over vinyl / carpeted / painted floor?

Yes! However it's best to remove carpet tiles before the installation of our flooring system. 

Is TekTile Australia a manufacturer?

TekTile Australia is a direct distributor of R-Tek Manufacturing, United Kingdom. R-Tek Manufacturing is the world's leading producer of interlocking floor tiles, with UK based manufacturing and worldwide distributors. At TekTile, we always strive to deliver flooring innovations that helps our customers. 

When Do I need Adhesives to install TekTile?

In most cases, you do not need adeshive for majority of flooring applications. However, there are some exceptions:
1. Areas in which reach Trucks or 3 wheeled forklift truck operates in a confined space with tight turning circles
2. Areas which has extreme temperature difference, such as fridge and freezer areas
c. Areas with south facing loading bay door that is exposed to direct sunlight. (FBall 81 adhesive recommended)

How Do I maintain TekTile Products?

Refer to our Installation and Maintenance Guide for in depth information. However, in general we recommend to seep / vacuum up dust, and then damp mop the tiles. Water by itself, or with a small quantity of detergent will suffice with either a mop or rotary scrubber dryer. If you're going for the extra shine, use lamb's wool pad to buff the floor surface. 

What is R-Tile made from? 

Most TekTile lineups are made from 100% PVC Compound, and the R-Tile Luxury Vinyl Tiles are made of composite Materials. We also offer a range of recycled tiles in black and grey. 

Can TekTile Products installed outside?

We do not recommend outdoor installation. 

I have forklift, which Flooring Solution should I choose? 

We recommend our 7mm Industrial Dovetail for environments where forklift or heavy trucks are present. For all other areas, the thickness and surface design is a matter of your preference. 

What happens if water gets under the tiles?

Although our interlocking system is highly robust, it is not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. If large amounts o f water are spilled and left on the floor, it is possible for some seepage to occur. However, water should be easily evaporate as TekTile interlock system is able to breathe. There has not been any instances where spillages have resulted in odours or substrate damage. 

Can TekTile be installed on floor that has not been degreased and damp?

Yes! Our loose lay interlocking system allows evaporation so it can be installed over damp substrate. Being loose lay, it also can be installed on contaminated substrates. 

Where can TekTile be installed? 

We have huge range of products ready to answer any needs. Our tiles has been installed on retail, residential, commercial, industrial, and educational premises with positive feedback regarding performance and looks. 

Is substrate repair necessary before installing TekTile?

No. However, areas that have cracks or missing cement pieces needs to be filled with a self-levelling compound before the tiles are installed.