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Keeping your TekTile pristine

To keep your floor looking mint and performing at its peak, it is important to schedule a simple cleaning and maintenance program. Our standard TekTile cleaning and maintenance program can be broken to 3 different categories: 

1. Correct Machine with Appropriate Pad Selection

A. Choosing the right Cleaning Machine

It is critical to choose the correct type of machine according to the space requirements. There are machines for different sizes of floor surfaces, from 50m2 to 50.000m2. If the cleaning schedule is followed, TekTile floor will always remain clean and retain its anti-slip property.

We recommend sweeper for areas with high dust and dirt volume, followed with scrubber dryer machine equipped with the right cleaning chemicals. It is important that the machine you use is equipped with sufficient pad pressure and has good and flexible blade surface contact. It is also important to sweep the floor first before a scrubber dryer is used if you suffer a high volume of dust, swarf, and any other debris.We recommend to use floor pads as they are more effective than using scrubbing brushes.

Consult with us to make sure your cleaning equipments are right. We are also able to supply you with the right scrubber dryer equipments that suit your needs. 
B. Pad Recommendation

Depending on the floor traffic, different kinds of pads can be used for TekTile products:
Red Pad - light-duty cleaning and maintenance
Blue Pad - medium-duty cleaning and maintenance
Green Pad - heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance
Black Pad - heavy-duty cleaning and deep cleaning


2. Chemical Recommendation

ACTIVE Scrubber Dryer Detergents (heavy duty formulation) is recommended to remove grease, grime, and impurities from TekTile products. Low foaming chemicals specially designed for machines with suction driers is recommended for cleaning large warehouses, retail outlets with heavy footfall, manufacturing locations, garages, etc. It is critical that the correct and high quality chemical is used to ensure thorough cleaning and preserve TekTile's anti slip properties. 

Consult with us to check if your cleaning chemicals is suitable with our products. 

3. Chemical Dilution

Correct chemical use is critical to ensure effective cleaning and maintenance process. 
Refer to specific guidelines supplied by your chemical supplier for dilution ratio. However, here's a rough guideline of standard chemical dilution ratios. 

Heavy-Duty Scrubbing - 50 to 1
Maintenance Cleaning - 100 to 1

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