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This method of installation is prepared as a general guideline only.

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Considerations before Installing TekTile Products:


1. Loose lay or Glue?

In most situations, TekTile products don't need to be glued / sealed. However, we recommend glueing tiles in the following situations. 

A. Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight radiation and heat might make the tiles expand faster than the remainder of the area. Gluing prevents uneven expansion and helps your tiles live longer. 

B. Heavy Trucks and Tight Turning Radius

Certain trucks/forklift with small wheels can cause flooring problems. Advise with our flooring experts before you make any decisions. 

C. Damp & Condensed area near Fridges

Due to safety concerns, damp areas near the fridge and freezers need to be glued within 1.5 tile perimeter. 

D. Areas Near Heat Sources (Ovens, Catalytic Converters, Ovens, Furnaces)

Hot areas might cause expansion problems; glues is needed near permanent heat sources.

2. Staining / Discolouring

Our product is optimised for maximum durability & ease of maintenance. However, be wary of these things that might damage your products: 

A. Staining from Rubber Tyres

Chemicals from rubber tyres might stain the tile as the result of a chemical reaction that occurs between the anti oxidant that is used in some rubbers and plasticizer used in vinyl. The reaction is brown in color, so it is less visible in certain colors of the tile (dark grey, terracota, and black). However TekTile Australia reccommends that if your application is susceptible to staining from tyres and other harsh chemicals, to consider the application of our anti-colour / stain two-part solvent free waterborne polyurethane sealer / our PU Coated Variants. 

B. UV Stability

TekTile Products is not recommended for external use and the colors are not UV Stable. 

C. Batch Control

We are unable to guarantee 100% color consistency between individual production batches. However, each individual order will be supplied from a single batch. In the event where you need additional tiles or you need to extend the area, we cannot guarantee that the subsequent orders will be supplied from the same batch. 

3. Tools and Equipments Needed

  • Non Marking rubber mallet / engineering hammer
  • Chalk Line or another method to keep the tiles square (carpenter's square)
  • Magnumshear / Guillotine
  • Stanley / utility knife with concave blade - always use a straight edge and wear cut proof gloves
  • / or electric saw with a medium or rough wood blade