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Our Philosophy

In manufacturing our products, we keep the cradle to cradle approach in mind; trying to innovate and come out with products that not only last longer but also sustainable and eco-friendly even at its end of life. We believe that sustainable products are not only good for the environment but actually good for people who use it. 

Vinyl contributes to 37,000 tonnes of waste, with 5,000 tonnes being post installation and 32,000 originates from post use. By being 100% recyclable and 100% re-usable, TekTile provides flooring solution that is good for you and nature. Homogenous construction in our industrial lineup means it can be easily reborn in its end of life. 


Benefits of TekTile Flooring System

  • Increased Life Span - Our Flooring Lineup are made with durability in mind. This means that it will need less replacing and maintenance over the years; reducing its carbon footprint. We offer up to 25 years of wear guarantee and warranty as a commitment to develop products that last longer.


  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process - Our products are made from virgin or recycled polymers. Any excess / rejected materials is recycled and converted to new floor tiles, creating almost zero waste. 


  • Easily Re-usable and Re-movable - Being an interlock, our flooring system is easily Reusable and Removable without much effort. This also means that damaged part of the floor can be replaced in smaller parts, reducing the amount of waste produced. 


  • Hassle Free - As the exclusive distributor of TekTile products, we want to make everything sustainable, including the experience of owning the tiles itself. We offer comprehensive support and consultation and are able to assist with the recycling processes. 
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