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Wilkes IGA Beaconsfield applauds BCG and Tek Tile Australia: where promises meet and exceed expectations


Trust, reliability, consistency! These are among the many things in life that most, if not all of us want! It’s easy to make promises but not everyone can match them with actions. So, those that follow through are often unforgettable.

For Wilkes IGA Beaconsfield Proprietor, David Wilkes, when it comes to his supermarket’s fit outs, the Brian Cummins Group (BCG) is on top of the list:


“I have known and have been dealing with Brian and his company BCG for more than 15 years. During this time, we have found his services and products second to none.”


Absolute Commitment

There are many things that BCG is absolutely committed to, not the least of which are quality and long-standing partnerships though the delivery of great products, services and return on investment. BCG always want what’s best for our clients delivering high-quality products and doing everything we can to add value to help our clients’ businesses flourish.


“A number of years ago, Brian introduced me to another product which is a loose lay flooring system – Tek Tile Australia. In August 2019, Brian on my request came past my store in Beaconsfield Tasmania to show me the different samples and to measure up the store, and in November 2019, we had the flooring replaced with Polished Concrete from the Design Range.”


Almost three years from when David decided to replace his store’s vinyl flooring with TekTile’s Design Collection LVT in Polished Concrete, he continues to be absolutely delighted with the change:

“I am ecstatic with the results and the floor looks fantastic. I continue to get great reports from my customers and staff. It is easy to keep clean and there is no more need for contractors to strip and seal which will is saving me on my estimation about $11,000 each year and no store disruption! The results are even better than Brian promised, and I would recommend Tek Tile Australia to anyone that is looking at replacing their floor.”

Whether you’re looking for residential, commercial, or industrial flooring, Tek Tile has a solution for you. Tek Tile offers a wide variety of durable and eye-catching flooring solutions that are consistent in their quality, flexibility, aesthetics, and a lower life-cycle cost and environmental footprint with up to 80% of the product manufactured from recycled product - all backed up by a 10-year (limited) warranty. 

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