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Don't be floored by DIY Flooring (TekTile is the answer!)


A year and a half ago, we had no idea how much our world would change. In just a matter of weeks, our busy lives stood still, and we found ourselves in uncharted waters as we were compelled to stay at home and wait until things get better. As we are on our way to recovery there are positives that have come out of our experiences too. From self-improvement to learning new skills, many have found more and more creative ways to cope with the extended lockdowns and stay-at-home orders – including DIY home renovations.

Whether repainting the house, trying out some carpentry, or undertaking some home flooring renovations, more and more people are opting to go DIY. Australian households started spending more on DIY work, maintenance, and repairs right at the onset of lockdowns according to CBA’s card spending data report published April 2020* .

With more time spent in the home and with fewer distractions, many seem to have found space to take home renovation projects into their own hands. Among them is Lend Lease’s General Counsel, Sonya Harris, who transformed her family’s garage selecting from TekTile Australia’s Industrial Range, choosing the Textured Light Grey Finish with Dovetail Interlock.


A Great Lockdown Project

Sonya, her partner and son spent quality time installing new TekTile flooring in their garage: “I was in charge of the heat gun and cutting and cleaning up mess and the boys were in charge of measuring, hammering with the rubber mallet, making gratuitous comments about my cutting and heating techniques and generally making mess and being annoying.” Sonya and her family found the installation of the tiles to not only be easy but fun: “We are delighted with the product, and it was remarkably easy to install once we got the hang of it. We actually had a lot of fun installing it. It was a great lockdown project, and I can’t tell you how much it has TRANSFORMED the garage.”

It’s amazing how a change in flooring can change the overall look and feel of a place. Judging by the photos and the amazing feedback Sonya has kindly given us, it is safe to say that TekTile not only offers the best flooring solution for businesses but is well suited for home installation as well.

Make the most out of your time at home (while perhaps bringing the family closer together with a joint project!). DIY home renovations don’t have to be complicated and stressful. You don’t need to be an expert to install TekTile flooring yourself – you just need the right set of tools! They’re easy to clean and maintain making TekTile the perfect flooring option for your home. Browse our wide selection of tile designs today.

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*Source: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Global Economic & Markets Research report “CBA Card Spend – week ending 3 April 2020”, published 6 April 2020, author Kristina Clifton.

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