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How Store Downtime Can Leave You Floored


It’s simply a fact that almost everything in life goes through gradual, yet inevitable wear and tear. It’s also true that those that deteriorate faster, are the ones most often used – your favourite pair of shoes, that one shirt you’ve always worn for luck, your ever reliable mobile phone (and perhaps even the odd body part..).

For businesses, a deterioration in assets, equipment and fixtures, furniture and fittings from continuous use is to be expected. No machine or equipment is immune to the physical stresses of day-to-day operations. Flooring is often among the easiest things to overlook. Having to endure constant foot traffic and more, damaged store flooring isn’t uncommon, but it can lead to one problem after another, whether aesthetic, WHS or both. While a damaged floor is a problem in itself, the downtime and disruption to operations required for repair can also pose serious issues, not the least of which is impact on revenues and profit.

Try as business owners may to minimise the negative impact of store flooring repairs, most conventional flooring solutions require long hours if not days, for preparation and application. This can leave your store, or part of your store, inaccessible to both staff and customers. Don’t let these floor repair inconveniences catch you off guard:

  • What’s that smell? Most flooring systems require the use of adhesive. You might want to consider how the strong odour post-repair can put your customers off.
  • Dust will settle. Repairing an existing floor might require contractors to grind glue off which can cause stock contamination.
  • The floor is lava. Well, not really. But flooring options like vinyl tiles require strip and sealing so affected areas will be off limits for a while.

It may be time to reconsider if you have the best flooring solution for your store. Nothing has to give – great design and efficiency can co-exist. Take it from no other than design maestro, Sir Terence Conran: “Good design is probably 98% common sense. Above all, an object must function well and efficiently-and getting that part right requires a good deal of time and attention.” Give your store a brand-new look without having to stress over downtime, with a flooring solution from TekTile’s Design, Urban and Industrial flooring offer an extraordinary range of easy to install, functional and beautiful solutions with low impact on store operations.  

Interlocking and suitable for high traffic areas, they are easy to clean and maintain, strong and resilient and require substantially less subfloor preparation than other flooring options. Damaged a tile? No problem! You can easily remove a single tile and replace it in a matter of minutes. TekTile comes with a PUR layer so there’s no need to strip and seal the application area. Not only that, TekTile products are recyclable and made from 80% recycled materials, so, you’re not only saving time and money, but you’re also lowering the environmental footprint.

Check out our range and let us help you find the best TekTile flooring system for you.

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