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Not all Flooring Solutions are Equal


One of the most underrated aspects of any commercial environment whether supermarket, shop, factory or garage is the floor! Floors do more than just accentuate the interior design of any establishment, - they handle foot traffic, the constant movement of furniture, fixture and fittings, dust, liquid spills, and so much more. New or replacement flooring is a huge investment and it’s among the most critical decisions to be made for any business. With so many different options, it’s hard to choose the right solution. Let’s review some of the most common flooring options that businesses have available and how TekTile Australia’s flooring solutions  are a cut above the rest.

Many business owners tend to go for conventional flooring solutions whether Epoxy Resin or Vinyl Planks and Tiles. It may seem at first that these options are the best and most cost-efficient but taking into consideration the cost and disruption of installation, maintenance and their life cycle, it may make you think twice.

Many business owners grow frustrated with the effort and cost that come with maintaining their flooring.  One of them is SPAR Maclean building and store owner, Bob Little: “We had a bad experience with another product that were Vinyl Planks that lasted around 2 years before they started to break down.” Bob added that it was challenging to find a flooring solution that would fit his building’s special circumstances. After having to spend a lot of his hard-earned money on his store’s flooring over the years, he was almost giving up hope in finding the perfect flooring option for his business: “I own a very old building which is 136 years old and has had numerous floods through it over the years. The floor is timber and very uneven and I was very apprehensive about spending more money on another product.”

How SPAR Maclean’s Bob Little had a change of heart

It was then that Brian Cummins Group and TekTile Australia Managing Director, Brian Cummins, persuaded Bob to give TekTile a chance: “Brian convinced me that his product was very good and laid a test area for around six months, so far I am ecstatic with the results.” The search for the perfect flooring system for him is over: “Since re-laying the whole floor, customers have commented on how much brighter the shop looks and they also comment on how much better the floor feels under foot. I love the versatility of the product. Knowing that I am able to pull individual tiles up if I have a problem with the floor underneath is very comforting.”

TekTile offers a wide variety of durable and eye-catching flooring solutions spanning their Design, Urban and heavy duty Industrial ranges that are easy to install, do not require strip & sealing (as do  vinyl tiles) and often require minimal to no subfloor preparation without the need for damp proof membrane, screed, or adhesives.  What is consistent across the entire product range is quality, flexibility, aesthetics and a lower life-cycle cost and environmental footprint with 80% of the product manufactured from recycled product - all backed up by a 10-year (limited) warranty.

Check out our range and let us help you find the best TekTile flooring system for you. Get in touch with our team at sales@tektile.com.au or call us on 1300 66 22 14.

Store Location: SPAR Maclean 

Flooring Product: Design Tile - Polished Concrete