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 Best Alternative to Epoxy Resin Flooring

Looking for epoxy resin flooring for your facility? Why not try TekTile Loose-Lay interlocking flooring system. TekTile products offer you flexibility, lower life-cycle cost, and desirable flooring properties with 10 year warranty to back it up. 

Epoxy Resin Flooring vs TekTile Loose-lay Interlocking flooring system

  • Epoxy Resin needs a meticulous care within 6 weeks after installation to achieve crack-free and perfect surface quality. Meanwhile, TekTile installation are almost instant: giving you lower facility downtime. Tek Tile requires minimal / no subfloor preparation and can be installed over damp and uneven surfaces. 
  • Epoxy Resin needs experienced / skilled contractors to ensure a proper install. TekTile products is easy to install and requires no experience with the right tools. 
  • Epoxy Resin flooring is not suitable for cold tempratures, whereas TekTile Loose Lay solution can be installed at any facilities with different climates. 
  • Moisture affects the durability of epoxy floors heavily. Bubbling and cracking can occur if the moisture trapped underneath. TekTile don't have any of that problem and comes with 25-year wear guarantee. 

More advantages of TekTile interlocking flooring solution

  • Suitable for high traffic areas with trucks, forklifts, and heavy duty applications
  • Lower life-cycle cost
  • Easy to install
  • Free consultation with our flooring expert
  • No damp proof membrane, screed, or adhesives necessary
  • Reduces dust and unwanted noise
  • Good durability and slip resistance
  • Warm - insulates the floor
  • Fire Retardant - Bfl S1
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lower Life cycle cost
  • Removable and Recycleable
  • CE Accredited
  • Vast range of colors and finishes
  • UK Manufacturer

"We looked at several options prior to choosing R-Tile as we had been painting the floor with a two coat epoxy resin every two years, with all the logistical problems that entail. The product needed to be able to withstand a point loading of in excess of 2 tons and R-Tile provide a warmer feel to the area in question." - British Energy

"We traditionally would have installed epoxy resin flooring in our factory until we discovered R-Tile interlocking floor tiles. They enable us to have the same perfect looking floor but at a much faster installation process and reduced cost." - Douglas and Grahame